How to remove/locate target folder for recent documents that show on the Mac OS Dock view?

I am experiencing a very serious privacy and security flaw in LibreOffice for Mac version 5.0.2. I keep a proprietary list of data for work that has to be kept encrypted. The file is saved in Word .doc format. Even after I close LibreOffice and remove the recent documents from the LibreOffice dialog box, the decrypted document still appears in the Mac OS Dock view as a recent document and I am unable to delete the file or find a way to view the target folder where LibreOffice is saving the decrypted file. I have already tried to disable recent documents feature in LibreOffice for Mac by selecting in Tools menu to remove the Recent Documents from showing in LibreOffice for Mac, but the recent documents still show in the Mac OS Dock view. This is such a serious privacy and security flaw that I have had to uninstall LibreOffice for Mac OS X, but still using on Windows 10.