How to remove outline numbering in LibreWriter?


How do I remove all numbering, indenting etc. from the “Heading” styles (Heading 1, Heading 2, etc) in LibreOffice Writer?

I searched the forum without success and tried the following:

  1. In “Tools” → “Outline Numbering…” I chose “Number: None” and “Character: None”.

  2. In the “Styles and Formatting” bar I set “Numbering Style” in “Heading” to “None”; additionally I set all “Indents & Spacings” to “0”.

Now my problem: In “Heading 1”, “Heading 2” etc. the field “Numbering style” is greyed out. Although I have all “Indents & Spacings” set to “0”, the Headings are indented.

I’m running LibreOffice on Debian Stable.

Does anybody have a solution for me?

Try menu Tools > Chapter Numbering. For each level you want remove the numbering, choose None in the dropdown list “Number”

Please read the question before answering. I wrote that I tried exactly this, without the intended result.

There is no Outline Numbering entry in Tools menu in current supported versions.
The solution I proposed works on my own documents in OpenDocument format.
What is the format of your document? ODF (.odt) or OOXML (.docx) from MS-Office?