How to remove *soft* page breaks from spread sheets?

There is already a question for how to remove hard page breaks here, but the answer doesn’t work for soft page breaks. (The Row Break and Column Break options are greyed out for the Delete Page Break option). The dotted lines are rather distracting and although I don’t have a printer and would never purposely set up page breaks, they seem to “magically” appear occasionally anyway. My current work-around is to create a new sheet and copy and paste the data from the offending sheet from there to the new one. This seems like a lot of work just to get rid of the lines though.

By default the automatic page breaks should only be calculated if you used the PagePreview tool.
Please tell me if this is different for you. In this case I would like to know the LibO version, the operating system, and, just for curiosity, the printer driver shown in Name below Printer under >File>Printer Settings...

@Lupp It might be PagePreview if it’s connected to some shortcut key combination that I might press accidentally once in a while. If it makes a difference the version number is (x64) Windows 10.0 Build 18362. For some reason my printer is set up to be OneNote for Windows, but I don’t use that either; I’m guessing that’s a Windows issue which belongs in another forum. Sorry I’m not being more helpful with the reproducibility. It’s probably not even a bug and it’s just me doing something accidentally that is only supposed to happen on purpose.

The default shortcut for PrintPreview shoud be Ctrl+Shift+O, But if you use the command inadvretently, you wouldn’t miss to notice the effect.
‘OneNote’ presented as a printer driver likely by default in Win 10, I would suspect to be a trap…

Hi. In the menu click Tools | Options in the window that opens go to LibreOffice Calc | View under Visual Aids untick Page Break. Cheers, Al

I tried that, thanks. Note that there are both a LibreOffice and LibreOffice Calc option; I picked the wrong one at first, but found the correct one eventually. I don’t know what I was doing to cause the problem in the first place, so I guess we won’t really know if it worked unless it happens again; I’m keeping my fingers crossed though.