How to rename a column in base?

I have migrated a few of my databases over to SQL 2.3.
Now I have tried to rename a column in base with this command:

Alter table “TABLE NAME” rename column “COLUMN NAME” to “NEW COLUMN NAME”

If I use “table name” and “column name”… I get this;

unexpected token: COLUMN required: TO

If I use no quotation marks, I get this:

user lacks privilege or object not found: PUBLIC.TABLE NAME

Also I note that in the GUI in Base, when open the table to edit by right clicking, I can no longer change the names of the columns and save the changes as I could under HSQL 1.8.

One the same token I note that a table itself cannot be renamed anymore simply by right clicking.

Are there any solutions?

Although many benefits to a ‘split DB’, the one determent is the inability to CHANGE existing fields. You can still delete and add new fields though. In answer to your question, the following will change a column name:


As an aside, using split db’s, MySQL, HSQL server and others, I have found using a separate tool for SQL work/testing to be of great value. With one tool I can access a variety of data sources and even transfer data between them. Note this is NOT for embedded DB’s. I use SQL Workbench/J found here. It will require a connector (JDBC, ODBC etc.) to connect to the appropriate DB and some connection strings depending upon the DB. Might be thought for future.

Thank for the help.

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