How to reorder the styles in Styles and Formatting box

In the Styles and Formatting box, Character styles, Page styles, and Bullet-Numbering styles are listed in some apparent random order. I want to put them in alphabetical order (or some other order) so I can find them easily.
(Paragraph and Frame styles are already displayed in alphabetical order.)
I am willing to find the file and edit it, but haven’t been able to locate where this is stored.

There’s a drop-down menu at the bottom of the pane. I routinely use Hierarchical because it collapses related styles. They seem to be listed roughly in usage frequency. If I switch to All, they seem to be in alphabetical order.

If this solves your problem, I’ll transform this comment into an answer.

Yes, that’s it! Thanks!!
(Hierarchical was the default. I didn’t know what it meant and still don’t, but that’s okay.)

By default, styles display is organised as a hierarchical view with collapsible ancestor nodes. This breaks the alphabetical order (maybe in favour of something looking like order of usage frequency).

To restore alphabetical order, select All instead of Hierarchical in the drop-down menu at the bottom of the pane.

Note: Hierarchical view is useful to reduce the size of the list when some styles inherit from another one. The relationship is created at style definition time (or later if need be) by setting Linked with in Organizer tab. With this link, only the settings which differ from the ancestor are recorded. This means that when a non-overridden setting is changed in the ancestor, the new setting automatically propagates to children styles.

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