How To Replace A Field to Another Field in Writer (Both Field Are Extra Document Infos and Available in The Document)?

I have a method of procedure document which usually have similar content between two activities but different target. My question is very simple: How to replace an existing field from previous document (I saved as the document) to another one?

It that field an Used Defined property?

Can you upload an ODF type sample file here?

Actually I use mail-merge for this. But therefore I don’t derive from the last saved document, but have a template, wich is linked for example to a litte database/list of upcoming productions/events. I can then just open my template for an invitation, select print and confirm I want to do a serial letter (not telling “series length =1”). Then I’m shown the datasource, select only one line and create or print my letter/document from there.

Nice idea, but lately I just remember that my contents between two documents are not merely the same. So mail merge would not answer my problem

Yes, User Defined property. I can not upload the file since it’s confidential. Sanitizing is not answer either. Just make a ODT Writer document and create two user defined properties and insert one of the field many times then try to replace it with second field.

If your fields really point to File>Properties items, double-click on one of them. A dialog pops up and you can change the property id for any other. Unfortunately, this can’t be automated through Edit>Find & Replace. Perhaps a macro but I never wrote one yet.

@ajlittoz yes that’s what I did so far. I need more automatic way to do so. So that’s why I came up to here :smiley:

Why you want to replace the Field itself? Replace the Content of the filef only. It will be appeared automatically in all of the inserted Labels/Fields. You can do it manually or by a macro.
For example you can create and use a FieldToDisplay field, and you can WRITE a macro to copy the content (and/or the Type!) from FirstField or the SecondField to the FieldToDisplay field. In this case both of Field contents are stored in the document.


the UserFieldsManager extension might be of help here: among other functionalities, you may export/import fields between documents (using an intermediate CSV file), you also may rename the document fields.