How to replace multiple cells formatting?

I have a worksheet with multiple cells formatted in a certain way. What I want to do is replace that formatting with another one.

To be more specific, I want to change all cells that have green color and black font to black color and yellow font.

The sample has a lot of the green/black cells and one model for the desired black/yellow formatting.


If the color is applied by style, it is easy.

If the color is applied by direct formatting, it may be doable.

Please upload a sample file with the formatting you want to change. Remember this is a public place, so remove confidential content.

To upload, edit your question (click the edit link below the question) and attach a file by using the paperclip tool.

Is there any other common criteria (other than having green color and black font) which share the cells you want to reformat and separates these cell from all other cells?

I added a sample to what I’m trying to do. Since there is a lot of cells that I want to change, manually changing each one is not the ideal way.

Since there is a lot of cells that I want to change, manually changing each one is not the ideal way.

That’s why I was asking for a shared common criteria (cell value, cell text, number of rows and columns per range, … whatever I cannot imagine) of the cells to be re-formatted and I’d assume your sample just shows what is already understood.

Side note: that task would had been easy if you used styles instead of hard cell attribution, in which case you simply could had changed the style’s attribution or replaced its usage with another style using Find&Replace.

I didn’t create this, it was given to me and I had the idea to change it. I just want to know if that’s possible to be done in libreoffice.

Searching for a specific color is not straightforward in Calc (nor in any other LibreOffice app), but it is possible by “digging deep”. Color can be applied in several ways (by direct formatting, style applied directly, style applied by conditional format), and with direct formatting it is not uncommon that similar colors have slightly different color codes. This is the reason why you are asked for context, other means of identifying the cells in question (reason why they are colored).

Is your spreadsheet just a bunch of cells with single characters, and surrounding frame of colored cells, or do you have formulas there computing something? Does the result have a beqaring on coloration?

It’s just as the samples shows, a bunch of hard colored cells of 16x4 size. They might or might not have text on them, but they are surrounded by white cells, which is what separates one from another. The goal of this spreadsheet is to be used as a visualization of lcd screens. There are no formulas, no conditioning to anything, just colored cells.