How to replace non-breaking spaces with regular spaces?

When using copy-n-paste from a web site article into the latest Windows version of LibreOffice Write many of the spaces are highlighted in gray (non-braking spaces). This is a great distraction. How can these easily be removed from the documents without doing them one at a time? I tried to use Find and replace without success. It doesn’t seem to recognize the non-breaking space character or a regular space character.

Works for me:
copy&paste with surrounding chars - or this: - into search-field, remove carefully only the surrounding chars,
type normal space into replace-field →→replace all

Thank you Karolus. It appears that my problem in using Find and Replace was being able to successfully highlight the very small space dot and then copy it. The resolution and hand control for my mouse was too crude. By zooming in on the document (making the text larger) I was able to see when the space was highlighted and then copied it easily. Typing a normal space in the Replace field was simple, of course. When I hit Replace All it replaced 83 non-breaking characters perfectly. Jack236

Perfect solution!!!
Thank you for the answer!