How to replace paragraph break into line break in LibreOffice Find and replace?

I’m using LibreOffice 6.1.6 on Windows 10 and I’m trying to replace in my document (imported from other MS Office sources) almost all paragraph breaks into line break. The document consist mainly from one big table. I need to export it later into text, so I can not have any extra paragraph breaks in table row.

I tried many solution. No result.


In your case, that will export result to text file, you could first export to text file and then search and replace opening that TXT file inside a good text editor like Kate or Visual Code Studio, using regular expression inside any of both editors.


from my understanding of List of Regular Expressions - LibreOffice Help this cannot be done with LibreOffice’s internal Find & Replace due to the fact that there is no shortcut of manual line break in the Replace field (\n has an ambigous meaning). But there is an extension at called “Alternative Find & Replace for Writer”, which can do that:

image description

Thanks. Works OK.

Another solution: OOoFBTools (menu OOoFBTools → Process ends of lines/paragraphs).

If I unerstood it correctly this tool does processing of FictionBook2 files. So, to make this breaks conversion operation I need to convert my Writer document to FictionBook2, correct some breaks and then convert it back to Writer document?

No, the tool is intended for processing text files of any format supported by LibreOffice Writer (in particular, scanned and recognized) for subsequent export to FictionBook2 (and it can’t process FB2 itself). Many of its features, like the one that I point to or, say, virtual keyboards, can be used for other tasks as well.