how to report a writer abort

During my latest book project a had a frightening number of writer aborts.
How can I report these aborts for analysis?
The simple suggestion have precise instructions to reproduce the problem is not applicable in many situations. E.g. I had several aborts while exporting a pdf version but the aborts were not reproducible. I know this may be a fault of the OS (Win7) or my hardware but writer should trap OS problems and hardware problems should trouble other applications too… A short trace of active threads and suspect data could be collected. These taken together might pin point a weak implementation…

When Writer crashes so often, you should reset the user profile (rename the user folder in C:\users[user name]\app data\Roaming\LibreOffice\4 with Libre not running) or, if that’s not good enough, do a repair install. Note that re-installing Libre won’t reset the user profile, so if that’s causing the problem, re-installing won’t help.

I followed your advice - however there was no positive effect to observe.
Still the question is open: is there a post mortem analysis tool to collect data that should be reported?