How to resize a picture and keep ratio in Writer?

If I want to resize picture and tell Writer programme to keep ratio between height and width then it only increases the width and ignore the height; means the picture is distorted. What should I do to keep the ratio?

Run into the same problem with the latest version. Shift and Drag on the corner handle doesn’t work on my Mac. By accident I found that simply using the side handle will result in maintaining the ratio.

Yes. Versions 3.x through 4.2 require the SHIFT modifier. In v4.3+ Writer (fdo#71669) and v4.4+ Calc/Impress/Draw (fdo#83808) maintaining aspect ratio is now the default behaviour and SHIFT allows irregular resizing.

Update This answer holds true for LibO 3.x through 4.2, though now superseded.

Before you click on the corner “handle” to drag-resize, hold down the SHIFT key, and continue to hold while you drag-resize. That should do it.

Is there a way to set SHIFT + drag to just drag to resize and maintain proper aspect ratio?

This answer is WRONG. Holding Shift while dragging does nothing to keep ratio. @Drew1 solved it.