How to restore the "registrymodifications.xcu"?


my user profile stores macros, custom toolbars, custom menu bars, shortcut menus and so on.

Now I can not assign colors to the letter in Calc or Writer, if I assign a color, then this will not be displayed in the document. All letters remain black.

It does not matter if I format this directly or formatting over the styles.

If I open the same document with ApacheOpenOffice, then the colors are shown to me, in LibreOffice the letters remain black.

Now I have renamed the user profile and now the color assignment works again.
I found out that there is a problem with the file “registry.xcu”.

If a new user profile is created, then the file mentioned has a size of about 144KB, the “registry.xcu” from my old user profile has a size of about 1.5MB.
But I really want to continue using my old user profile, including the “registry.xcu” (1.5MB), because I want to keep using my custom interface.

Now the question arises for me:
What can I change in the “registry.xcu”, so that the color assignment works again?

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WIN 10 Pro 1903 •
Version: (x64) •
Version: (x64) •
AOO 4.1.6

Hi @Craig22, just out of nosiness, I checked with me. For me there is no registry.xcu, but a registrymodifications.xcu. Otherwise, unfortunately, I can not help you.

With me Windows 10 Home; Version 1903; 64-Bit | LibreOffice, Version: (x64).

Hello ebot,

yes that’s right. I have made a mistake.

Right is “registrymodifications.xcu”

A new “registrymodifications.xcu” 144KB

My old “registrymodifications.xcu” 1,5MB

So I want to edit my “registrymodifications.xcu”, to fix the described issue, but I don’t know witch Tag or what else I have to edit.


hereby I answer my question myself.

I regularly make backups of my user profile. So I could use an earlier and working version of my “registrymodifications.xcu”.

Have the broken and the working “registrymodifications.xcu” opened in Notepad ++. Previously I installed the plug-in “Compare”.

Using the plug-in, I was able to examine the two files for differences. I noticed a few nodes, which have something to do with the color settings.
But I do not know in detail which these were.
In any case, have the settings (true or false) transferred from the working file in the “broken” file.

Writer and Calc restarted and everything is OK.