How to retain formatting when pasting text


I would like to paste text from one document to another while retaining the original formatting. I have tried several ways to do this without success. I can’t believe that this is impossible. Is it?

Thank you.

Same problem tried cntrl-shift-V > paste special > formatted text. Some of the text seems formatted almost correctly. Fonts are changed throughout, however, and some paragraphs using the style I set up show up with the indentation and spacing correct, but some do not.

Libre seems to not be able to read its own handwriting, we might say, as the format paster fails as well.

Perhaps I need to figure out how to save my styles globally, but that still doesn’t explain inconsistent behavior.

Ciao, normally it happens. Did you try with Edit > Past special > Formatted text ?

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Ciao Charlie, It has been a while since I posted this question. I just looked at it again and in hindsight, I think I could have worded it more clearly. For example, I could have said what I had already tried and what kind of formatting I was talking about.
I don’t remember what I was having a problem with but appreciate your taking the time to help in spite of the mediocre question.