How to retain selection in a document when interacting with another document?

I open two documents side-by-side. I select text on one document. Then I click on the second document and the selection in the first document is invisible until I click back on the first document.

How do I retain the visibility of the text selection in 1st document while interacting with second document?

I think this is an OS issue: when a window is deactivated, many UI items change their display state to visually make clear which window is the active one. Consequently, customise UI management in the OS (you didn’t mention its name). Capabilities differ widely between OSes and even desktop or window managers within a given OS.


thanks, I’ll give it a try and see if it works. My OS is Xfce flavor of Garuda Linux, which is a flavor of Archlinux

I tried to reproduce this bug on other programs and I couldn’t. It seems like this issue occurrs only between two instances of Libreoffice. If I use Libreoffice on one side and some other text-handling software on the other side, then the seelction remains visible. I think it’s a Libreoffice thing. This issue didn’t exist in the maybe 0.5-1 years ago when I used an older version of both Libreoffice and the OS

Then mention LO version (the best place for this information is in the question itself; questions are editable: use the pencil tool, perhaps after expanding the … icon).

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The solution was to switch to OnlyOffice

Th while it might have resolved an issue for you, it is not a solution for this site.