How to retrieve LO Recents List after auto upgrade to 7.0

My Win 10 machine shutdown. LO 7.0 installed itself, but didn’t include Recents List. How to retrieve the list?? Why wasn’'t my list part of the upgrade?

I have never heard of a legitimate version of LibreOffice “installing itself”. Are you sure you weren’t using some commercialized version from a Windows app service?

But to address your loss of the Recent Documents list : You can reconstruct it by using your operating system’s file manager to launch LibreOffice by opening each of your LO documents in your My Documents (or just Documents) folder. Unless of course, Win 10 has changed all the file associations, in which case you will have to right-click on the document and fiddle with the “Open with” option to select LibreOffice as the application to use for that document.

Why wasn’'t my list part of the upgrade?

Exactly due to the fact, that the recent document list is not part of a LibreOffice update, all the more your question is incomprehensible (The recent document list is part of your LibreOffice user profile in %appdata% directory and not touched by LibreOffice update - hence: Did you reset your LibreOffice user profile recently?).

Otherwise, I fully agree with @ve3oat and also would assume that you are using one of these software updater programs claiming to care about your security, but finally hide what happens on your system (many antivirus program suites include such tools)

I am sure that OP had omitted this important part of the question: the “Recents List” is the list shown by Windows when one right-clicks on the app icon pinned to the task bar (or in Start menu) - an OS feature, not part of LibreOffice. And that is tdf#76131.

And of course, the “installed itself” is either wrong, or a sign of using some third-party app managers.