How to return the chapter numbering in the title style?

I applied the numbering in the header style. And the chapter numbering in the style settings is gone. I need to return the numbering style for the default title-chapter numbering. How do I do this?

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To make Heading 1 numbering style disappear from the style definition, you must play with Tools>Chapter Numbering and change the paragraph style associated with level 1. Edit your question to describe your attempts with Tools>Chapter Numbering. Perhaps add a screenshot of the corresponding dialog with level 1 selected.

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You should set up a chapter numbering in Tools>Chapter numbering instead Outline&Numbering tab of paragraph style

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For headings (header is for the top of page), you need to use the numbering from the menu Tools > Chapter Numbering.

Don’t use the numbering tab for the heading (chapter) styles.

Yes, yes. That’s good advice. thank you