How to reveal elements on a slide one by one?

I have a bullet list on my Impress slide. Instead of showing whole slide at once I’d like to reveal bullets one by one during the presentation. I need to control when the next bullet is shown, so I’m not asking about animation that will show the bullets one by one. I want to reveal next bullet when I’d normally go to next slide and only go to the next slide one all bullets are revealed. How can I achieve that in Impress 3.5?

Actually, I’d be nice to know how to do this with any elements of a slide, not just bullet lists.

I would do the following

ctrl+shift+T or View > Task Pane
select Custom Animation
select the text box with the bullet list
select in Modify > Add and select the pattern you want to have
next right click on the new entry in the Custom Animation screen and set your preferences.

What you want to achieve is easy.

I also recommend to read the users guide for Impress:

Under v4.1+ there is a Custom Animation panel in the sidebar. To reveal an element on the Entrance tab (when adding an animation) select the “Appear” item. This effect added to a text box will reveal the text box on click. To have multiple elements reveal in serial, use a separate object (e.g., text box) for each item. The order of appearance can be altered later in the Custom Animation panel. Example ODP here.

@oweng - you are right about the sidebar but there is a little bug in (XP). When selecting a Start feature (on click, with previous, after previous the selection doesn’t show up in the window where it is selected. Also direction and speed selection is not possible. Workaround: Right-click on the custom animation and use the context menu. - Towards the end of next week I will upgrade to 4.2.5 and if the bug remains, I will post bug report.