How to save a corrupt file full of hashtags

I opened my file in writer and it was full of symbols like hashtags. All my text was gone, what can I do?
I tried looking for previous versions but there were none, even though I had been saving the file and working on it for days.

If you expect any answer, edit the question description to tell what you’ve done so far, your OS name, LO version, format under which you saved your file (.doc(x), .odt or other) and any information useful to diagnose the issue since we can’t see your screen nor read your mind.

If your file is a long row of # characters, it’s dead, it doesn’t contain any data. Your only options are that you have a back-up or that you use software like recuva to scan your hard drive for older versions of the file.

As floris v says, file is gone. There are some tips on OpenOffice tutorial