how to save AppleWorks Draw file as .odg file?

I have a number of drawings created with AppleWorks Draw program. I open them with LibreOffice. But I cannot save them as .odg files, only .odt. Is it possible to save as .odg?

(yes, currently, these documents are converted in text’s documents), in Converting Writer files to Draw files , someone suggests to save them as pdf and reopen the pdf in Draw to edit it (I do not know if this works).

No, I couldn’t get that to work. I can select text boxes in the new document, but not any of the shapes. Best thing I have found, at this point, is to open the AW draw doc in LibreOffice, save as .odt, then open a new .odg document and cut and paste items from the text doc the draw doc. Slow, but I’m happy not to have lost everything!