How to save formulas in a text file

For archival purposes I’d like to save in a text file all the formulas used in the cells of row 2 of a given Calc sheet. How do I do this?

If I simply select and copy the cells of row 2 and paste the contents of the clipboard into a text file, what is being copied is not the formulas but the values.

LO 7.181
macOS 12.6.1

Copy row 2, create a new empty document, paste, menu File → Save As, somename.csv and in the CSV export dialog enable Save cell formulas instead of calculated values.

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In some sheets I add an sheet for documentation.
You can show a formula with the function FORMULA() (who’d guessed).

I your case a reference like =FORMULA(Sheet1.A2) would give the formula to document and you can add further comments in other cells.
You can then print this sheet, save as pdf or as simple txt/csv-files, if .odf does not fullfill your needs.

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