How to save secondary y-axis?

I’ve created a graphic in calc with 4 sets of values, being one one of them quite small compared to the other 3, thus I’ve inserted a secondary y-axis which I’ve associated with that set.
The problem is after saving this file, once I open it again, the values are no longer associated with this secondary y-axis.
Any thoughts on how to solve this problem?

As it clearly seems to be a bug it might be version dependent. Tell us about, please.

Another piece of info: this happens while saving it in xlsx format but not as ods.


(as I still can’t upload images due to my low score (min of 3 to upload))


(as I still can’t upload images due to my low score (min of 3 to upload))

Check the images here:

Left: after saving and opening again

Right: after assigning secondary y-axis to green data

The images tell about the same story you told in your original question.

Why don’t you downgrade to rather stable 4.3.5 and try it there?

Downloaded latest version

Build ID: de093506bcdc5fafd9023ee680b8c60e3e0645d7
Locale: en_GB

but still the same problem.
I’ll try an older one… I’ll get back with some feedback.

Tried this one

Version: Build ID: 3a87456aaa6a95c63eea1c1b3201acedf0751bd5

and again, the problem remains…

I suppopse you are working on a Windows system. To eliminate a possible problem with a corrupted user profile: Try it with a portable version (I still recommend the 4.3. series) which will create a virgin profile in its own sub-tree.