How to save snap grid settings in LibreOffice drawing?


I often process the same drawings in various machines. Unfortunately the Libre Office in those machines may have different settings of snap grid. In fact some of those machines are configured to use inches as units and the others to use centimeters.

Of course if I have a complex drawing where all objects are snapped to 0.1" grid, and modify it on a machine that uses 2 mm grid, the drawing gets corrupted. Adjusting grid for each drawing is tiring and error prone.
The situation is even more difficult, when I need to process simultaneously a few drawings with different snap grid settings.

It seems, that storing the snap grid settings in the drawing, and allowing to use different snap grid settings gor different drawings at the same time would be the best solution. Is it possible to configure Libre Office for such operation?

That’s how Ipe, Inkscape and Xfig vector graphics editors work.

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