How to scroll a page by mouse in LibreOffice Draw?

Hello! How to scroll (not move) a page by mouse in LibreOffice Draw? I want to scroll the page just like in CorelDraw, PhotoShop etc by “Hand” tool. I have not found a tool like “Hand” in LibreOffice Draw. And also, how to fast switch to the tool like “hand”?

Just drag and drop the page thumbnail in the Pages panel to the left of Draw’s window.

Sorry, i am incorrectly formulated a question. I wanted to ask: how to scroll the page? Is there a tool to scroll page in LibreOffice Draw except scrollbars?

Well, I do it by using the mouse wheel, at least UP/DOWN. Using Ctrl+mousewheel zooms IN/OUT. Perhaps this depends on the operating system?

Draw does not have a tool like that. You are welcome to file an enhancement request.