How to "search all"?

How to include into a search (ctrl-h - advanced search), comments and hyperlinks (both title and url itself?

For comments you need an extra search run with Search in Comments. Hyperlinks both entered as cell content and as result of a HYPERLINK() formula and in that case also the displayed cell text are found with Search in Formulas already.

the search in comments works for comments;
but for hyperlinks search in formulas isn’t working I’ve clicked all the things in that window it seems, it just doesn’t want to search, for example, all links that have “wikipedia” in them.

I don’t quite understand your question.
Open the attached file. In the dialog (CTRL + H) uncheck all the checkboxes. You can find “http”, “wiki”, “to”.
Cell A3 contains the formula:

=HYPERLINK(""; "URL to WikipediA")

HyperLink.ods (8.3 KB)

I’ve never used the full formula for hyperlink, only the ‘create hyperlink’ button (ctrl-K), which is what I’m searching for, I’ve modified the table for an example:
HyperLink2.ods (9.3 KB)

The URL that is specified in the inserted hyperlink does not apply to the formula, value, cell comment. Thus, the standard search cannot be used.

It depends… found (with Search in Formulas) is the display text of such Ctrl+K inserted hyperlink, if that is empty then the URL is displayed and can be found, if the display text was set to a different value than the URL then no, the URL being hidden under the field display is not found. Which is the case here.

Thanks for the clarification!

Copy [Calc, Basic] Introspective cell functions to “My Macros”.Standard
=CELL_URL(SHEET();ROW();1;1) returns the URL from the first hyperlink in the cell on same sheet, same row, column A.
Side note: Calc is an arithmetic calculator with extras. It is not any of tabular text editor, html editor, database, layout program.