How to search for text in password protected documents?

I have a folder full of documents…some are .odt files and some are .doc and .docx files. And, many (but not all) of those documents are password protected (all with exact same password). If I do a Windows based search (like in File Explorer) for certain text, I read somewhere that the search does not (and cannot) look in the password protected documents. Is there any way around this with LibreOffice?

When I did an internet search for solving my problem, I found some File Search freeware that claimed to get around this problem, but that freeware simply did not work. Then I figured I could just remove the password from all the documents that have it (and then do my text search) and I found a freebie Add-In (called Extensions by LibreOffice), but I learned that that particular Add-In would work only with Microsoft Office (found at Document Batch Processes). I searched through the Extensions available for LibreOffice, but I found nothing similar.

I didn’t think it would end up this complicated to do a text search (when some of the documents are password protected.) As mentioned above, I am willing to remove the password all together from the documents that have that password, but even that process seems overly complicated (especially for someone with zero programming skills like me.) If anyone could offer any help or advice, it will be greatly appreciated!!

(Also, by the way, the folder I want to text search has just under 500 documents in it, and about 300 of them are password protected with an identical password. If it wasn’t SO many, I would just manually remove the password and then do the text search!!)