How to search/replace Thai characters?

What I’d like to do is to change all the vowel characters to a different color. (But I might simply want to replace one vowel with another or remove vowels in a text or whatever…)

So I open up the search/replace dialog, enter the vowel symbol (which btw is virtually invisible in the search box) and search for it. It can’t be found!

This happens for the all “abugida” vowels or tone marks (aka diacritics???) that appear on top or underneath consonant letters.

Is this a bug in the software? Or is there a special way to deal with these characters?

Please check this thread: find-replace-foreign-language

I remember to use the unicode-numbers, because i could not put a range in the search box. So this may a work-around for you.

For the hebrew characters, searching single chars was without problem…

With the mentioned unicode-numbers you can search for every defined character, however the system does not understand the characters, so in my language i can’t rely on a to find ä, so you may have to work with lists like [aäàáâ] to find all variants of a consonant in regular expressions.