How to see the constraints in a Base table?

Is there any way to see the constraints that have been applied to the fields in a table in a database I am developing? The tables were mostly built in design view, some have been modified in SQL, but I don’t have a record of the SQL.
Thanks for any suggestions.
LibreOffice 4.2 Base / Windows 10 English

See here - Relations

Or here - Index design

Or unzip your .odb and look database\script

Sorry, maybe my question wasn’t clear enough. I can see the foreign key constraints and the indices from the Relations diagram. What I’m looking for is the other attributes assigned to a field (other than those you can see by editing the table), such as UNIQUE, NOT NULL, CHECK conditions. I can’t see anything which displays these characteristics for a given field.

It’s taken me weeks to find out, but I’ve finally discovered the answer to my question. It is to run the queries