How to "seek" in video or play/pause as you wish in Impress?

I have a presentation with some videos and I wish to play and pause as I wish. I also want to seek to a particular position when the audience asks a question regarding that part of the video.

I know that adding a “toggle pause” animation with a shape as trigger pauses the video. But this requires me to know beforehand how many times I am going to pause and also that I click at precisely the right time, or I miss the important part. Also, if the audience ask a question regarding the middle part of the video at the end of the presentation, I have to wait till the video reaches there.

Is it possible to add the video controls during the slide show? I see that during editing, these controls are present in the lower left lide of the Impress window. I need to see them also in the slide show mode.

LibreOffice version 4.2 - English - Impress
Ubuntu 14.04 - 64bit - English

In fact this part of the documentation only answers what he/she knew before… Me to, I’m still looking for a possiblity to do this…

Please take a look to documentation, chapter 9.

Impress Guide