How to select multiple objects in drawing

select objects

This is not working for me. One item is selected, then with shift key depressed, I’m selecting another item and the first one becomes unselected. I’m running LO (X86_64). Windows 11 Home, 64 bit.

Use key shift and click on shapes or use rectangle of selecting

Hi, I stumbled on the same problem, however it is in Calc, that is to select multiple objects, let say you need to move around an image, textbox, graphs, etc.
The shift key won’t allow us to choose the image and textbox together.
Try ViewToolbar, then thick on the Drawing toolbar.
In the drawing toolbar there is an arrow (in my case is black arrow), the name is Select.
Click and drag all over the various objects that you want to select.
Hope this helps.

I use Libreoffice 7.0.xx

Use Ctrl when clicking to add an object to selection. Shift is for contiguous selection.

Sure? Depending on any settings?
I cannot confirm with V7.0.4, and I haven’t a clear idea of what “contiguous” is meant to mean in the context.
Concerning the new answer: The question was about Draw!
Anyway: As opposed to Writer, images in Calc are hosted by shapes like “ordinary” graphics or TextBox objects. I cannot confirm the statement by @teko_ippt.

Hi @Lupp, sorry if i put the wrong answer. Should i delete it?
but it’s interesting discussion, however i have move the domain of problem to Calc.
I tried to use Ctrl , i don’t know what’s the effect, but this is in Calc. Perhaps out of context.

@Lupp, try like this, in Calc, put an image and put a textbox on top of it, with the textbox arrangement above the image (so that you can see the text).

  1. Press shift and choose the textbox first and then the image → it’s working, you can move both of them together

  2. Press shift and choose the image first and then try to select the textbox → it’s not selecting the textbox, you can only move the image.

I confirm that the same if you change the image with a graph. As long as the textbox is above the image/graph.

Yes, i was wrong previously, if the textbox is not above the image, both scenario are ok.

Then I’ve found the Select, which is solve the problem.