How to select odd or even rows in Calc?

I have a big table in LibreOffice Calc and I want to change the background color for each two rows (the odd rows).
I can select all the rows in the table but I want to only select the odd rows.

Is there any way to do that? After selecting all the rows in the table, maybe a keyboard shortcut, a hotkey for selecting only the odd rows (or, well, for de-selecting the even rows). Or an option in the menus for doing that?

Without such an option, manually selecting each two rows is a very rudimentary approach.

(There are ways to do as you asked for using a filter and a helper column, but…)
You should better not assign the background color by hard attributing, but overlay it by ConditionalFormatting.
-1- Define a named CellStyle (“csListingPaper” e.g. derived from “Default” most likely") for which the wanted background is selected. (concerning the wanted ListingPaper style I would recommend Light Green 4.)
-2- Select all the sheet or the range of rows you want to apply the listing-paper-style to.
-3- Open the dialog >Format>Conditional>Condition.
-4- Select the mode Formula is from the left hand ListBox.
-5- Enter into the formula line ISODD(ROW()).
-6- From the ListBox below select the above mentioned style.
-7- OK.

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Example: See this document.

Thanks. I’m using LibreOffice x64 on Windows 10 x64 and it doesn’t remember the Conditional Formatting custom Conditions. I am defining a new condition and when I try to apply it again, it’s gone, I can only find only the “Condition 1” in the Conditions list. Strange

I more than once used this way to get the look-and-feel of classical listing paper, and it worked. Neither old versions nor recent ones made files “forgetting” the CF.