How to select suggested word?

Like in netbeans and many text editor, TAB buttom select the auto-suggested word. Isn’t there something like that here in Libra?

(Took me like 10 hours to select the tag. Weird. If only this site was more subtle like stackoverflow…)

Use Ctrl(+Shift)+Tab.

Oh! It seems that I misunderstood the “select” in “How to select suggested word?” as “how to choose which one of multiple suggestion goes into the document (= how to cycle through available suggestions)”. Well - the loosy human language doesn’t allow to tell for sure what “TAB buttom select the auto-suggested word”, unless you know yourself what “netbeans” actually does; so when asking a question, it’s always good to be verbose, and better write more words than less.

So, if the question is “how to tell LibreOffice that I agree with the selected suggestion, and put it into the text”, then it’s “press Enter”; and it’s controlled in ToolsAutoCorrectAutoCorrect Options...Word Completion tab (Accept with: selector).

Nope it doesn’t work. Tried it/.

It works. I tested before suggesting. If it doesn’t cycle through different suggestions, then it simply means there are no different suggestions for currently-typed text.

But the point is it doesn’t work? Are u sure in work on any Linux? Mine is Ubunu 18.10.

And Why there is parenthesis for Shilt key? It has nothing to do with shortkey is it?

Parentheses mean that the Shift is “optional” - which means that using Shift, you cycle in the opposite direction vs not using Shift.

Re: “Are u sure in work on any Linux?” - are you sure this question is somehow relevant to the originally asked question? Why should I be sure (and I use both Ubuntu and Windows btw). The function is not specific to OS, since it’s implemented internally - but of course, it’s possible for the function to conflict with some OS pre-set combinations. If you have some information important to the question, that you choose to omit from it, then please don’t ask “are you sure you fit into the unspoken constraints” later.

well, it doesn’t work. I am pretty sure. (For the record, i knew parenthesis was optional. But i ask anyway.)

Well, it works. I am pretty sure. To test, I use this sequence:

  1. Created a new text document; made sure that input language is en_US.
  2. Typed “I write wordabcde, and also wordabzza here”.
  3. Right-clicked at “wordabcde” and “wordabzza” to add them to dictionary (which adds them to suggestions).
  4. Added a new paragraph below, and started typing “wor”, at which moment, a yellow tooltip with “wordabcde” appeared.
  5. Press Ctrl+Tab to see “wordabzza”; then press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to see “wordabcde” again. Confirmed with Enter.

No yellow tooltip appears. As i type “Simu”, it gives me a hint of “Simulation”. As i press CTRL + TAB, nothing happens. Even if i touch it by cursor it didn’t get selected. How cool is that! (As u can see in picture)

But what do you expect to see? if it doesn’t show you the other suggestions, it simply means there’s no other suggestions. I shown you how to make sure there’s more than one suggestion; what you ask is not how (which shortcut) to step through available suggestions, but how to make sure there’s any. Which is a different question.

Or is your question about how to apply the suggestion? then my description above also covered that: “Confirmed with Enter” - i.e., when you see the tooltip (“a hint” as you called it), press Enter to put the suggestion to your text.

good. Finally :smiley:

Type this:

Well-a-bean is always true. Wel

This should start to give you suggestions. Ctrl + Tab to cycle through these suggestions: Well-a-b, Well-a-be, Well-a-bean. Enter (return) key accepts a suggestion.

Writer compiles a word list from previously used words according to the user’s specifications here: Tools > AutoCorrect > AutoCorrect Options… > Word Completion tab. If Enable word completion is not checked, it won’t work. Hope this helps.