How to select the text language of a Writer document containing tables?

My Writer document contains tables and cells.

Most of the text is contained in table cells.

I want to select all the text including all the cells.

However, CTRL+A selects a single cell as LO help says:

Selects the entire content of the current file, frame, or text object.

Nevertheless is there a way to select all the cells text?

When the selection of all the cells text is for setting a spelling/grammar language:

Tools → Language → For all Text > English (U.S.A.)

In my French version:

Outils → Langue → Pour tout le texte > Anglais (U.S.A.)

This doesn’t select the text outside the table, and it will erase any different settings regarding the content language. So i think it’s better to use the direct way to select the complete table, as i described in the addendum to my answer.

Hi @tohuwawohu. In fact I wanted to select all the text just to change the spelling/grammar language. ;-p The way I have described it works (I have successfully applied it). After I saw another trick. Thank you again. Cheers :slight_smile:

Excellent! I had wondered for a long time how to change the language document-wide without having to change the language of styles and objects individually. Thanks for answering your own question. En tant qu’utilisateur francophone, j’approuve!