How to set a default font on additional sheets?

How to set a default font on additional sheets? I already set a default template with preferred font.

A new document has the proper font from the template, but any new, consequent sheets (Sheet2, Sheet3, etc.) on this document are still using ugly, unreadable Callibri font, which I have to change all the time. This is tiresome. I would like to use one, default font for all sheets, not just the first one.

I know I could create a template with 4 or more sheets that use my chosen font, but I prefer to have only one sheet on a new document and create new sheets only when needed.

I don’t know how you set the default font but I suspect you just selected the entire sheet and set your preferred font; this is not the correct way as you found out.

To set the default font for a template or a spreadsheet file.

  1. If the sidebar is not visible then click View > Sidebar (Ctrl+F5) to make it visible

  2. Click on the Styles icon at the right to select the Styles pane.

  3. Right-click Default and set the desired font. OK

  4. Save or File > Templates > Save as template

You can also modify your Heading and other styles but you don’t need to change typeface, unless you want to, as they all get that from Default. You can change size, boldness, underline, etc. for other styles


Thank you! That did the trick. :slight_smile: