How to set background color in Writer?

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Too bad I can’t upvote to say thanks just because I’m new. This is an atrocious policy and counts as a major down side to recommending libreoffice to clients/friends etc.

“Yea, it’s a nice app suite I guess but you can’t trim down the portable version to just writer and the forum assumes you’re a spammer or something and cripples your ability to interact out of the gate.”


ThornyJohn, thank you :slight_smile: I’m sorry I can’t upvote your solution. :confused:

Sidenote to whom it may concern: Posts like the one I’m now writing are like roaches, for every one you see there are 10 you didn’t.

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This answer does not really answer the question, so in my humble opinion it should have been a comment under the answer you’re referring too.

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Has this issue ever been addressed? I really want to be able to work with the whole page in a brown background, and white text in the middle. I have bad eyesight. I need the margins, so Web Mode won’t work for me, and white margins with brown background are very distracting. I will have to go to a commercial product if this isn’t addressed. It seems like a very bizarre bug to just let happen. I wish I was a coder so I could help fix it.