How to set close form button?

I would liek to add a button that opens a new form while closing the current form.
I have this macro:

	const sNewDocumentName="demoForm"
End Sub

where the oForm.parent.parent.CurrentController.Frame.close(True) comes from this post.

What would be the correct syntax?

Thank you

Why don’t you set


You could get the name of the old form directly in the procedure with

aFormStart() = Split(thisComponent.Title, thisComponent.UntitledPrefix)
ThisDatabaseDocument.FormDocuments.getByName( Trim(aFormStart(1)) ).close

this gives me an error:

So: What is the name of the form document. You have written sOldDocumentName, but this is a variable.

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Thanks, it worked. Is there a way also to automatically save the data avoiding the pop up window?

Believe me. You don’t really want that.

Draw a button.
Action: Open Document or URL
URL: .uno:CloseDoc

I don’t think I can add URL directly, because execute action is already taken by running a macro (opening the other form):

can I add .uno:CloseDoc to the macro?

Whatever you try to do at this stage, macros are not the solution as far as I can see in your other current topic. Macros are a horrible waste of time when your database is not ready and the forms are poorly designed.