How to set default sender address on envelopes?

When you insert an envelope into a text document, in Writer, a wizard opens where you can enter the addressee and the sender addresses. I need the sender address to always be the same and already be filled in when the wizard opens. How can I accomplish this?


It should work if you fill in your name and address details in Tools > Options > LibreOffice > User Data. Having said that, I get field names instead of name and almost all of the address. It might have been from playing round to replicate problems someone else was having.

Personally, I just created an envelope template for each job I represented with the Sender address already in place (and logo if required) in format that Post Office wanted. Then just individual address or set up mail merge for more recipients

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If I enter an address in the sender box it persists after closing all LO programs and re-opening. If the fields work, leave them alone, otherwise try it.

The fields didn’t work here either but the persistence of the the last entered sender address is working. Thanks for helping

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