How to set LibreOffice as default for opening documents?

I have a MacBook Pro using OSX Yosemite.
I also have Open Ofice on this machine .
rsdinan 1993

Hi Taylor

That should have been established at installation time. There is, to the best of my belief, no method to alter things from within LO afterwards (in spite of continual questions similar to your own).

Use standard techniques adapted to your OS.

You can always make a feature request.

Updated 2015-10-11:

Following on from @lupp’s excellent reply, I see that it is possible to set a Bootstrap environment variable:-

:~$ /opt/libreoffice5.0/program/soffice.bin --help | tail -6
      Set a bootstrap variable.
      Eg. -env:UserInstallation=file:///tmp/test to set a non-default user profile path.

Remaining arguments will be treated as filenames or URLs of documents to open.

Of course (as so often) the fatal item here is the inability to discover a list of possible variables.

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(Under Win)

Calling the installer of the actually installed version of LibO anew I get an option ‘Change’. Choosing it, a few steps later I can select some options regarding the subject of this thread as far as MS Office documents are concerned. There is no option for ‘Any document’ , of course. Continuing then will not install the application anew but only change the system settings as ordered.

Isn’t there something similar for Mac OS?

change the default program for odt files. i have to do this continually to determine if LO bugs are present in open office. i am now at the point where OO is more stable, user friendly & < techie oriented. my apology to the LO community.