How to set path to offline help

I installed Libre Office 5 and the English language help pack. But when I press “F1” for help it sends me on line. This is for Windows 7. I have installed LO5 and the help files in different directories than the defaults. How do I set the path to the offline help in LO5?

From wherever your LibO has its main executable soffice.exe the folder …\help (regard the 2 dots meaning “parent folder”) is the one to place the unpacked tree for offline help in. This tree starting with the folder ‘en-GB’ e.g. for the UK version of ‘English’ UI. There are at least 3 ‘English’ UI languages and offline help will not work if there is not an exact match concerning the LibO version and the UI language as well.

Thats somewhat helpful but why didnt the help file automatically load into correct directory? I have latest version 6.2.8, does that apply to it also? Where is the parent folder?