How to set "ReadOnly" mode when opening calc file

In my macro I open file by
oDocPrice = StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(“file:///” & WorkDir & “Price.ods”, “_hidden”, 0, Dummy()).
How to change this line to open file as “ReadOnly”? I have read Pitonyak’s book but couldn’t find clear answer.
Sorry for this stupid question.

Workaround tips:

  • Open it as a Template. Then the User can not resave the accidentally modified file by one click.
  • Use Sheet protection.
  • Save the document with Password.

Sub TestReadOnly
  Dim args(0) as new
  StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(ConvertToUrl("C:\Temp\Test.ods"), "_blank", 0, args())   
End Sub

Большое спасибо

Good luck!