How to set slide pane in Impress to permanent visibility?

I am almost getting mad at Impress: Earlier, when I set to display the slide pane in Impress, it would do so, and remember. Since 5.X.X.X this is gone, and each and every file that I open requires me to make the slide pane visible, again and again.
I hope that I only missed how to make it visible. Please, tell me how! I read the documentation. but it is mum on this.

Try this:
Drag it to the bottom right corner (over the task pane).
A gray rectangle should appear.
Release (dock) it there.

Worked on my Mac. It’s taken two years for someone to come up with the answer for this?

I’m glad that this works for some. What do we do if dragging the slide pane around doesn’t lead to a gray rectangle appearing anywhere?
I’m using impress in LibreOffice, SuSE 15.1 linux, KDE