How to set the color of a shape in LibreOffice Draw

In LibreOffice Draw 4.0 I can set the (background) color of shape by choosing one of defined colors from the drop down menu. But how can I set my desired RGB value?


Format > Area… > Colours gives you RGB controls:

To edit in “hex” notation, use the “Edit…” button in the set on the right:

(See comment below.)

Thanks @dajare. This will do the work. Is there a way to enter the RGB in this format: #FFE699? It is quicker.

Yes there is: hit the “Edit…” button in that screen, and you’ll get a further pop-up with a hex field: for a screenshot. I don’t know if you can get to that dialog more “quickly”. Perhaps someone else will know if you can add that dialog directly to a higher level of the menu, or assign to a hot key.