How to Set the Font for the LibreOffice Writer Document (yes I have read many articles on this ...)

Been at this well over an hour, reading various posts, seem to be getting closer … These directions from another post have come the closest to working:

  1. opened an empty document
  2. File->Templates->Save as Template … etc. named it ‘Nimbus Roman’
  3. File->Templates->Manage Template … and opened ‘Nimbus Roman’
  4. opened the styles navigator on the right, has a hierarchical view, right clicked on “Default Paragraph Style” and changed the font to, you guessed it, Nimbus Roman

Then I did this:

  1. File->New->Templates and selected my template for a new document using the template just made

Checked, indeed the ‘default paragraph style’ for the new document is ‘Nimbus Roman’, also the font for ‘text body’ is ‘Nimbus Roman’ …

So the first thing I need to type is the title of course. I go to the style drop down, it is showing ‘Default Paragraph’, so I select instead ‘Title’. I start typing. $#@!! it is still ‘Liberation Sans’.

Can someone please explain is there a way to set the ‘Default Paragraph Style’ so that the children of the default paragraph style all inherit the setting?

You can save as many template files as you like, but if you start a new document with File->New->Text Document, you will still get a document based on the default template instead of one of the templates that you designed. You have to use File - New - Templates... and select the template that you want to use.

Select Tools - Options - LibreOffice Writer - Basic Fonts (Western) and configure your preferred font settings there.

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@Hrbrgr, I read over that doc, and I am familiar with the material in it. Libreoffice and I have been good friends over the years, with two books published. The article ‘for professionals’ is indeed basic, then points to the top of the documentation tree.

Would you be so kind to point out where the topic of my question is addressed in the doc at that link, or in the documentation tree? Or the time in the German language video where it is discussed (my German is a bit rusty, it would be helpful.)

@floris_v excuse me for any confusion, this is not a problem with using the template. I am loading the template fine. I edited the question to make that more clear.

The main problem is that I expected Default Paragraph Style to set the default paragraph style for child paragraph types. But it does not do so. Shouldn’t it? (The hierarchy can be seen in the hierarchy view for paragraph styles.)

You have made that clear by pointing out Select Tools - Options - LibreOffice Writer - Basic Fonts (Western) menu has default font options, and that the heading font did not change when the Default Paragraph Style was changed for the template. (However, other paragraph styles did change.)

It seems that the Heading styles are unique in that they do not inherited their font from the Default Paragraph Style though they do appear as children in the paragraph style hierarchy.

Well, I’m not a professional, and never wrote a book. Nonetheless I have a hunch concerning an expectable misunderstanding.

If any property was changed for a child in a styles hierarchy, changes to this property for a parent style will no longer affict this child nor its fx children.
The ‘Modify’ dialog should give an option to reset a group of properties to the values defined for the direct parent. Thorough treatment required.

May this be relevant concerning the question?

If not: Sorry!


@Lupp After reading your comment I thought maybe during all the experiments that the heading style had been set. So I made a brand new template, and set the Default Paragraph Style to font family Nimbus. Then I opened up a new document using that template. Everything was clean, and nothing else was touched. Once again, the font family was inherited as expected by the Text Body but it was not inherited as I expected by the Heading styles.

It seems that the hierarchy shown for the paragraph styles does not set inheritance for the fonts family, but instead that there are multiple root types for font family inheritance. So as @floris_v pointed out that the multiple roots for font inheritance are listed at Tools - Options - LibreOffice Writer - Basic Fonts (Western)

I really suppose that the dialog box for the Basic fonts settings is there for easy use. The Heading style still derives from Default, but as @Lupp has pointed out, if you ever changed the Heading style font, an update of the Default style will not overrule that. When you make a new template, you have to check for each style that the settings are what you want them to be.

@floris_v that is not what I am seeing. I am seeing that the Heading style, though it lists as a child of Default Paragraph Style is not inheriting font family from Default Paragraph Style - even though it has not been otherwise touched with a style edit.

You? Even the original (hard-coded) template from which the questioner’s templates were derived once may contain children styles of the ‘Default’ paragrah style having explicit settings for some poroperties which then no longer are inherited from the zero-level style, but from its bottommost child style in the chain of unbroken heritage.

The abstract (not meant for direct use) “special style” Heading is a child of the Default paragraph style with added special functionality. The mechanism of inheritage concerning the general properties of paragraph styles is the same, however. Obvoiusly the Appendix style and the numbered HeadingX styles are children of the mentioned “abstract” style, and have -in the state they are originally delivered- explicit settings for many propereties breaking for their children the chain of inheritage. The children don’t inherit the values of these properties from the Default paragrah style, but in every case from their respective parent styles hierarchically.
This break in the heritage is shown for each one of the styles in the Modify dialog’s Organizer tab.
Just use the button Reset to Parent for the font properties of Heading1, and you will see applied the Heading values, but not those from the Default style.

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So there is no one setting to set the font family for the document. And There is no way to know by looking at the style hierarchy what the roots for font family inheritance are. There is only one place to find all the various styles that need be set for setting the font family used in the document, and that is:

Tools - Options - LibreOffice Writer - Basic Fonts (Western)

Is this correct? If so, from what I am seeing, only Heading is not inheriting from the default paragraph style.

If so, from what I am seeing, only Heading is not inheriting from the default paragraph style.

You can choose which font you want to use for the headings.

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