How to set up auto-capitalization after the symbol ':'?


I usually go through the situations where I have to give discriptions for certain terminlogies. So, I use the format like this:

Term: Breif discription

The discription will be in the form of a sentense. So, I want to set a user-defined auto-correct rule to auto-capitalize the first letter of the word which comes after the symbol ‘:’.
Is there any option to do this? If yes, kindly guide me through the process.

Thank you :slight_smile:


to my best knowledge: You can’t do that. Capitalization is an option of AutoCorrect function and related to the the end of a sentence, which is defined by a full stop (.), exclamation mark (!) or a question mark (?) and there is no user configuration option to extend the list of end-of-sentence-characters.

Note One exception to end-of-sentence-characters-forces-capitalization-rule is the beginning of a document.