How to setup default font name and size for LO

For the Thai language, ‘Droid San Thai’ is the most beautiful font in my point of view.
And I need to set it up as default font with size of 10.
Can you please help ?

You need first to enable complex text layout, which is probably set if your LO copy has been localised for Thai. But check.


  • Go to Tools>Options, Language Settings>Languages. Check the Complex text layout and select Thai language from the menu. If this was not preset, click OK and reenter Tools>Options. This is important to reconfigure the option selections.

  • Go to Tools>Options, Basic Fonts (CTL). Set your preferred fonts and sizes. The various choices will reconfigure the corresponding base paragraph styles.

You’re done. Enjoy.

As you pointed out, this is easy and fine for Writer. It is a bit more complicated for the other components.

Calc and Draw

  • Create an empty spreadsheet/drawing document and open the style sidepane with F11.

  • Right click on Default and change to your taste, notably Font tab.

  • Now save the spreadsheet/drawing as a template with File>Templates>Save as Template.

Next time you need a spreadsheet, don’t use File>New>xxx but File>New>Templates.


  • Create an empty presentation document and open the style sidepane with F11.

  • Modify all Font tabs of styles

  • Save this dummy presentation as a template with File>Templates>Save as Template.

Next time you need a presentation, don’t use File>New>xxx but File>New>Templates.


There are two domains to look at: forms and reports.

Unfortunately, I’m not versed enough in Base to customise fonts in forms. Regarding reports, they end up in Writer, consequently I think you only need to customise styles used to generate the report, eventually through a template, be it the default template which you can replace by your own.

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Only in LibreOffice Writer: Tool > Options > LibreOffice Writer > Basic Fonts (CTL), that’s excellent.
How can I set up like this in Calc, Base etc. ?

@ajlittoz Thank you so much, would it be possible to make all simple like in Writer in the future ?

I agree it would be more convenient. Unfortunately, the style system is not as developed in component other than Writer. I have not mentioned Math because it lags light-years behind the others. Setting defaults is much more complicated. If you need it, read the manual which gives recipes. IMHO, Impress is also a (reduced) document processor and should have the same styling system as Writer, but it hasn’t.

Draw would surely benefit of a better system since the present can largely be improved.

I’m hesitant on Calc because styling could adversely interfere with cell formatting or conditional formatting unless rigorous rules are explicitly stated.

I am no developer, so I can’t have a position on the “cost” of the issue. I think to remember that there are already several enhancement requests on this topic in tdf. Check the bugs site and feel free to file a request if none already or to comment and vote for them.

@ajlittoz Thank you so much again. Our office have just migrated from Windows and MS Office to Fedora Linux and LibreOffice, we have to work it hard.

@lonk; very good choice; the hardest point in migration is getting accustomed to a new routine and, above all, accepting to learn anew without the common “it-worked-like-so-and-so-before–why-is-it-different” stance.

@ajlittoz I have been using a big Calc file, now it has over 50 Sheets and Macros. How can I convert this file to the new template that I have just learnt from you ?

@lonk: changing templates is not a native operation. Your option is to install an extension called “Template changer” or the like (I’ve never used it and don’t know if it is still compatible with latest LO versions) or to tweak directly the underlying XML file (I do it so because I better control all parameters).

If you have only one or a handful of files, I’d recommend rather to apply the change to the Default style in the to-be-converted files. It is simpler, safer and has the same end result as changing the template, all the most if it is the only custom property of your new template.

@ajlittoz I have only one file needed to convert. Can you please teach me to do that step by step ?

@lonk: apply the above procedures on said document and save it as usual (not as a template).