How to setup picture as page background in Calc?


I want to ask you if it is possible setup picture as page (whole A4) background in Calc. I know that it is possible to do it in Format | Page - Bacground (Color | Graphic). But when I set graphic as background, the picture is only behind the cells, but I want to use it as “watermark” on whole A4 page ie. including header and footer.

Thank you very much for help.



It seems there is bug.

I tested LibO 4.1.5 on XP/SP3.

Inserting via Format > Page > Background …
Considering that the image is only visible in a print out if cells are not formatted otherwise ( had a completely empty spreadsheet). I created a pdf-File (not pdf-export but using a pdf-printer) and got only a white pdf-file.

Thus I concluded that there is a bug.

May I ask you to please file a bug report here and post the bug number in this question.

Bug number is 75261

@mira - Thanks for the bug report. I will add a comment.