how to show page margins in calc

In most of the other spreadsheets I’ve used, I could go into the “printer setup”, and “show margins” (don’t remember the exact terminology). Then when I opened a new worksheet, the right side and bottom/top margins would be bolded in such a way that it was easy to see the edge of the 8.5X11 print area. So that when I’m adjusting the size of the cells, I would know where the edge of the print area is.

For instance I am making a sheet to keep up with daily miles driven, there will be three cells wide, Beginning, Ending, and notes, I need to know how wide to make the Notes cell.

I have looked everywhere and I’m overlooking how to do this, could someone tell me where this is located?


Define your print range(s) and order a ‘Print Preview’. After closing the preview you should get the page borders marked - and updating automatically when width/height are changed or columns/rows are inserted/deleted. The narrow lines used for this are not too much annoying during work. After save/reload the markers will not be present unless you repeat a preview.

(If you also want to see page numbering and some pokum in addition, you may shift to the ‘View’ > ‘Page Break Preview’. I personally never do. It is not well adapted to real work.)


FilePrint Preview, click Margin button: all margins are displayed (including the header and footer) and you can adapt them with the mouse: click on a marker, keep the button held down, move, release the click …