How to show the value every nth row

Hey everyone! I’m stumped. I want to display the value of a cell that increases by 7 rows every time.

In B26 I have this formula
=OFFSET($‘Daily Sales Report’.$B5,7,0)

That works great. In B27 I want to show the value of the cell 7 rows further down from that one, and so on.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks


Not sure what do you need to do, but maybe you can add an auxiliary column with the week days, and work with AutoFilter, or better with a Pivot Table.
See a sample file: show the value every nth row.ods (10.1 KB)

In B26 put this formula:
=OFFSET($'Daily Sales Report'.$B5;(ROW(B5)-4)*7;0)
and fill down.

To understand how it works, put =(ROW(B5)-4)*7 in a cell and fill down.

LibreOffice Help on ROW.

Tested with LibreOffice

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youre sure?

=OFFSET($'Daily Sales Report'.$B$5 ; ROW( B1 )*7 ; 0 )

with attention on… $5

or better ?!

=INDEX($'Daily Sales Report'.$B$6:$B$99999 ; ROW( B1 )*7  )

That works perfectly. Thanks so much!

Thank you! That helped a lot!

You are right. My intention was to type B$5, and don’t checked.