How to sort but keep the top 3 rows from being sorted

My top 3 rows contain row 1-The file name saying how the file was sorted, row 2- the column labels and row 3- the date the file was updated. The remainder of the rows contain the data. I can sort all the data and have checked ‘range contains column labels’ under ‘sort-options’ and it will not sort the row 1- which is fine but I want it to not sort rows 2 and 3 but cannot figure out if that can be done and if it can how. All help would be appreciated.

Have you tried not selecting the first three rows when doing the sort?

Solved! Hi Robleyd, No I had not, but you are correct it works. Actually I had tried that earlier, amongst all my other attempts, but for some reason it did not work then, but now it does. Thank you.