How to Specify Install Directory on Windows 8?

I cannot install libreoffice to the C:\ drive, it is designated OS only due to its being SSD and having limited space.

The D:\ drive, on the other hand, is 1Tb and is intended to be the installation directory for everything else not OS.

I have searched to no avail, but can find no reference describing how this can be done, hence my question here:

How do I specify that LibreOffice should be installed to D:\ (i.e., wherever I want) before installation begins?



p.s. I am aware I can use “junction” to create a soft-link between the C:\ installation directory and the D:\ drive real install, but since I don’t know the full dir path to the C:\ installation beforehand, this is not possible.

cool, i get to answer my own question:

i obviously didn’t look hard enough since the answer is clearly documented here:

now also clearly documented here