How to start a new ordered list

I currently have the following, in a text box
How do I change the 5) to a 1)? I saw How do I re-start numbering for an ordered list?, but I did not see that option anywhere, on LibreOffice Impress.

Sample file:
Sample.odp (11.6 KB)

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The management of text and lists is more basic in Draw than it is in Writer. Indeed, there is no way to reset the numbering within a single text box.

There are two ways to cope with this.

  • First option
  1. Create the numbered list as second level numbering (i.e., hit “Tab” while at the beginning of the line
  2. Create the “LOREM IPSUM” item as first level item, and for that line, turn numbering off.
  3. Then continue the list with second level items: the numbering will restart

If you use this systematically, you could redefine your Outline styles so this scheme is applied by default with the layout you want.

  • Second option

Use separate text boxes where a new list has to start. For example, copy the text box, delete “LOREM IPSUM” and the rest from the first copy, delete anything from before from the second copy, and position the 2nd text box manually.

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Second option works, thanks!

First also. It is just a matter of selecting the way you prefer. Both options are workarounds against the limitation that you cannot indicate numbering should restart on a certain line, as in Writer.